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Not Just LMS -
Hippo is a Learning Platform

Not Just LMS -
Hippo is a Learning Platform

Enable Employees share knowledge quickly and easily.

Unlock the Tribal knowledge that need to be known by others in order to produce quality output



Hippo LMS


Simple Rapid eLearning Authoring Tool

Author eLearning content with Presentation, Videos, Screen Capture, Audio and a combination of all. Our Innovative and Industry first Content generator will auto-generate Presentation by collating content from different source. Its quick and easy. All in one tool and no Juggling.

Content Collation

Suggests topics and enhanced content with given keywords,topics and document. Uses state of the art Linguistic Machine Learning methodologies

Simple Presentation Editor

Create Presentation with basic layouts and themes

Create Video

Create Video with Presentation, Screen Capture, Webcam capture and Voice

Edit and mix Videos

Edit and mix the created videos to generate Training videos

Play in any device

Play videos on most popular platforms with quick and ease

Learning Management System

Create Course with eLearning content created above and also with Uploaded presentation and videos. Build, Organize, Assign, Share, Learn, Track, Grade and Analyze Courses. Integrates with other Authoring tools and HR systems. Allows to take courses from any device, anywhere and anytime.

Drag & Drop Course Builder

User friendly tool. Just drag and drop to add modules. Helps you get started easily.

Assessments and quizzes

Include quizzes to assess learner on the course

Custom reports and Dashboards

Get instant, intelligent reports. Analyze learner performance. Understand patterns, positions. Act on your analysis.

Anytime & Anywhere Access

Take courses online, anywhere on any device at anytime

User Management and Portals

Create your own Portal and Classroom. The central place for all your learners.

Integrated e-Learning Authoring tool

Stop juggling and start building with authoring tool

Seamless integration

SCORM compliant to enable integration with Authoring tools

Suitable for Training