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Not Just LMS - What you need
is a Learning Platform...

Not Just LMS - What you need
is a Learning Platform...

Video Maker + Presentation Creator + LMS


Acquisition of knowledge is learning. Knowledge that is being shared as part of LMS ecosystem is not enabling the sharing of Tribal knowledge. And Microlearning is an important way of sharing that Tribal knowledge.

"Tribal knowledge is any unwritten information that is not commonly known by others within a company. This information need to be known by otheres in order to produce quality product or serveice. It is often a good source of test factors during improvement efforts - Source Wikipedia"

Microlearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts mostly through Videos.

Industry thought leaders say that the disruption is coming...

"A disruptive change has occured. Companies no longer look at their LMS as the core of their learning infrastructure. It's now the backend, and they are searching for a new employee experience, which demands a new set of tools.

Companies have unleashed the power of user-developed content. Companies like GE and IBM now foster and reward people for authoring high-fidelity videos, and they want to put all this content online in a place that’s easy to find, rate, recommend and comment on."

- Josh Bersin of Bersin Associates in

Existing LMS systems are complex, expensive and are not meant for enabling employees share knowledge through Microlearning. LMS is “Only a Delivery and Tracking system”.

HippoLMS, a Learning Platform, enables any Employee (where the knowledge resides) to share knowledge quickly and easily. Video creation by any employee and Microlearning are the key features. #PowerToYou #DIY


Stop Juggling, Share Knowledge #DIY #PowerToYou

Example Scenario

Infrastructure team is more process driven and Tribal knowledge is importantEmployee of infrastructure team finds a solution to a repeated but an important issue. Tries to capture this as a microlearning video.

How you do it with other LMS

  • Creates training material by using multiple tools.
  • MS Powerpoint for PPT creation
  • Video creation in video maker like Camstasia
  • Video Editing in Video editor like Wevideo, Voice over etc.
  • Even then capturing the task as performed as Screen capture is a tough task.
  • Pack the above as SCORM zip and import to LMS for delivery

It is a long process and juggling with multiple tools. Employee will not be inclined to do this long process, thus Tribal knowledge will still be unearthed

Solution with HippoLMS

  • Creates a PPT in Hippo LMS
  • Screencapture the steps using Hippo LMS
  • Creates the video with the Created PPT, Screen capture, Webcam Video and Voice
  • Delivers the knowledge as a short microlearning video

Employee need not juggle but creates in a single tool, Hippo LMS. Knowledge sharing made easy is high for employees to share more

HippoLMS is one of its kind and industry first approach